Board minutes, 7-20-12

Minutes of the NINA Board meeting

Friday, July 20, 2012 (rescheduled from June 22).

Northern Star office, Campus Life Building, NIU-DeKalb.


Members present

(10): Lonny Cain, John Puterbaugh, Jason Schaumburg (president), Penny Wiegert, John Etheredge, Sharon Boehlefeld, Kathy Gresey (2nd VP), Roger Ruthhart, Randy Swikle, Jim Killam (communications coordinator).


Members absent (8): Dirk Johnson (executive secretary), Jim Slonoff (treasurer), Larry Lough (1st VP), Wally Haas (past president), Nick Swedberg, Jason Akst, Mark Colosimo, Jeff Wisser.


Three board seats remain open.


Guests present: Shelley Hendricks, Maria Krull.


Schaumburg called the meting to order at 10 a.m.


March 16 minutes were approved unanimously (Ruthhart motion / Cain second).


Treasurer’s report: Slonoff absent, but he sends this update:

Savings account balance: $5.94

Checking account balance: $11,648.27

Spring and early summer expenses have included $1,800 for scholarships for graduating high-school seniors, and roughly $150 for food for the spring conference.


Executive secretary’s report: Johnson absent


President’s report:

Schaumburg said the task force agenda has been moving slowly because of a new job situation for him this summer. An all-day planning meeting will be held soon (date TBA) to address the group’s identified areas of focus: training, contest, networking, journalism education (particularly at the high school level) and advocacy for members. Membership classifications also need to be reviewed, he said.


Program committee: Lough absent. Plans for the Oct. 18 fall conference will move forward this summer. It was suggested that former board members, NIU journalism and communication faculty past and present, and past scholarship winners be invited.
The May 11 Spring Conference had a light turnout but a good town-hall discussion on the topic of election coverage.


Education committee: Gresey and Etheredge said $1,800 in scholarship money was awarded to the winning students. About 30 applied this year. The story is on the NINA website and will be included in the upcoming newsletter.


Membership committee: Haas absent.

Resource committee: Killam said a summer newsletter will be out in August.

Contest update: 15 newspapers have entered, with a total of 359 entries. The Northern Star is administering the contest again this year, on behalf of the NIU Department of Communication.



Old/new business: None


Meeting adjourned at 10:25 a.m.


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