Some details about entering the NINA contest

By now submitting entries to NINA’s annual news competition via our online database system has become routine for most members. However, some minor details are hanging people up. Here are some finer points to consider while registering:

  • You must register before trying to log in. Don’t go to the login screen thinking you can create an account from there.
  • Please register anew every year. The database is wiped at the end of each contest year, so your old passwords and usernames won’t work.
  • Make sure you have Flash downloaded to see the anti-bot code you have to retype.
  • Use NINA as the association code.
  • You are not technically registered until you go into your email and click the link acknowledging your registration.

If you still have trouble registering for the contest, call Shelley Hendricks at 815-753-4239.