From The President: How NINA Will Meet Its Challenges in 2020

“Challenge” is a word that applies to all organizations, enterprises and aspects of life — and NINA is no exception.

Mendoza, Margarita-2016As we begin this new year, it’s no secret that scores of newspapers across America and around the world have closed in recent years. The industry is not what it was decades ago; we all know that. But we also know that we can’t waste time looking back.

What’s important is what we do now..

For the Northern Illinois Newspapers Association, I see this year as one where we use technology to make a difference. Education has been and will continue to be key, and one of our goals this year will be to create webinars that improve our knowledge base and provide training to our members.

Under my watch, NINA will champion journalism values — impartiality, truth-telling, objectivity — in order to maintain and enhance public credibility.

We know our future lies not just on the physical page but on new platforms. No matter the method of delivery, we will focus on the news and work with ethical rigor.

As I said in our meeting on Dec. 6 when I took the challenge of being NINA’s president, we need to connect with other journalism and academic organizations and be inspired by them.

NINA will have met its challenges this year if we are able to do these three things: provide our members with enhanced opportunities for training and continuing education, connect with colleagues from different publications and increase the number NINA members.

Here’s to a spectacular 2020.

Margarita Mendoza
NINA president, editor of El Observador