Stand Tall During COVID-19 Pandemic

NINA Board Vice President

During this COVID-19 pandemic, the eyes and ears of everyone are focused on the media and its actions.

Now is the time for journalists to stand tall.

As we take on an unprecedented role in communicating real news at an exhilarating pace, we need also to take pride in our daily work to bring the truth and the news to our communities.

We understand that the grind of assignments and deadlines are more challenging during this pandemic. Know that your colleagues are behind you and appreciate your efforts in getting the job done.

Now, more than ever, is your time to shine. Communicate the truth. Unfold and tell the back stories of individuals, businesses, and not-for-profit organizations as they cope with and overcome the COVID-19 challenges.

Be your best, stay positive and strong. Let’s defeat the perception of fake news.

Galena Gazette Donald R. Grubb Sweepstakes Award

Galena Gazette

Congratulations to the Galena Gazette, the NINA recipient of the Donald R. Grubb sweepstakes award for nondaily newspapers in the NINA 2019 news competition!

The honor follows the Galena Gazette’s recognition of the sweepstakes award in 2015, 2016 and 2018.

Jay Dickerson
Jay Dickerson of the Galena Gazette

Each year the Donald R. Grubb sweepstakes award is presented to the nondaily media organization with the best showing in NINA’s annual news competition.

Due to a sweepstakes tabulation error, the award was not presented to the Galena Gazette at the association’s fall banquet. Steps have been taken to improve the tabulation process.

“Congratulations to the Galena Gazette,” said NINA President Margarita Mendoza. “We applaud its staff members and are proud to recognize their great dedication and professionalism. This is a an outstanding achievement due to the high quality of the 2019 entries.

“We have several exciting new categories this year and look forward to your participation in this year’s NINA contest.”

Supporting FOIA

FOIA - legal concept

Former NINA board member Stan Zoller, a member of the Citizen Advocacy Center’s Advisory Council, requested the Northern Illinois Newspaper Association help get out the good word about a letter supporting FOIA.

The Citizen Advocacy Center letter was in response to a concerted effort by the Illinois Municipal League, with Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s support, to push the Illinois Attorney General’s Office to suspend the FOIA request response deadline for the duration of the governor’s emergency declaration.

Squelching FOIA prevents the public and press from accessing public records pertinent to health, safety, and governmental accountability at a time when public trust in government is more important than ever.

The NINA board of directors approved signing the letter and adding the name of the Northern Illinois Newspaper Association in support of this effort.

Coming Soon

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Watch for details on our upcoming NINA news competition!