Power of the local press

by Pat Szpekowski
NINA 1st Vice President

Community journalism is a win-win for everyone.

During a recent board meeting I attended at the Northern Kane County Chamber of Commerce in Carpentersville, a number of matters were on the agenda for review. Past and upcoming local events always bring on a lively discussion.

I happened that day to give Chamber president Melissa Hernandez a tear sheet of a story published in the Daily Herald business section on Friday, July 30, 2021 written by Kevin Schmit. It was about that weekend’s Shop Dundee Sidewalk Sale and included positive quotes from Hernandez in support of the event.

When the topic came up in the discussion, Hernandez spoke about how grateful she was to Schmit and the Daily Herald for the story. But, even better yet, she mentioned how pleased and happy the store owners were about it, too. “They were positively thrilled,” Hernandez said, “ and told me how customers came to the store, some even with the article in hand, all because they saw and read the story.”

That just proved to me (again) the power of local news and how a written story legitimizes an event.

To further solidify the news before I shared it with others, I contacted one of the merchants to double check the facts.

“It was wonderful to see such an abundance of community support during the Shop Dundee Sidewalk Sale,” said Angelike Ajroja, owner, The Half Full Nest Vintage Market in West Dundee.

“ We met so many new faces who said that they had read about our shop in the Daily Herald news article about the event. Many thanks to the Northern Kane County Chamber of Commerce for hosting and promoting a successful 4 day sale, that really helped us downtown Dundee merchants.”

Our newspapers and writers are key components in bonding a community and spreading the word.

I just wanted to share the good news about the circle of journalism’s impact and how each spoke makes a difference.