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A sign of champions

By Pat Szpekowski, NINA first vice president When driving to a destination, I usually catch a casual glance of signs when entering a new community. Cities and Villages proudly post accomplishments. You've seen them, too. Tree City USA. Hebron, Home of 1952 State Basketball Champions. Carpentersville-Bradie Tennell U.S. Olympic Champion. Algonquin-Jacobs High School alumnus Evan… Continue reading A sign of champions


Awards season brings NINA community together

Dan Campana by Dan Campana, NINA President Any way you talk about the last 19 months – personally and professionally – the word “challenge” likely pops up at some point.At the same time, words such as adapt, overcome and persevere are also fitting when considering how in the world we’ve collectively endured so much uncertainty… Continue reading Awards season brings NINA community together