NINA is the Northern Illinois Newspaper Association, founded in 1962 to promote the newspapers of northern Illinois, develop programs to enhance the profession and promote good fellowship among its members.

More than 50 years later, NINA continues to bring together specialists in journalism to provide programs for staff members in both print and digital phases of publication. NINA’s ties with the Northern Illinois University extend to its beginnings.

NINA was founded by Dr. Donald Grubb, long-time chairman of the university’s journalism department. A member of the university has always served as executive secretary of NINA. The association remains affiliated with the Communication Department, which now houses NIU’s journalism program. Annual fall conventions are held at Northern Illinois University’s campus in DeKalb with workshops held in other convenient northern Illinois locations.

The Northern Illinois Newspaper Association draws its leadership from various sides of the newspaper business. Its board includes a mix of owners and managers, editors, freelancers, teachers and journalism professors. Members come from throughout northern Illinois. Members include individuals and newspapers ranging from independent weeklies with circulations under 2,000 to large chains with circulations over 200,000.



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