Board of Directors

2023 officers


John Lampinen (term expires 2025)

1st Vice President

Cristi Kempf (term expires 2023)

2nd Vice President

Jim Killam (term expires 2025)


Dan Campana (term expires 2023)

Past President

Patricia Szpekowski (term expires 2024)

Executive Secretary

Jason Akst (appointed)

Communications Coordinator

Shelley Hendricks (appointed)

NINA Board members

Margarita Mendoza (term expires 2024)

Rick Nagel (term expires 2025)

Roger Ruthhart (term expires 2025)

Penny Wiegert (term expires 2023)

Julie Mann (term expires 2026)

Madhu Krishnamurthy (term expires 2026)

Mary Helt Gavin (term expires 2026)

Megan Jones (term expires 2026)

Kelsey Rettke (term expires 2026)

2023 NINA Committee Assignments


Contest Committee

Campana, Hendricks, Kempf (chair), Ruthhart

Education Committee

Akst, Hendricks, Killam (chair), Wiegert

Outreach Committee

Boehlefeld, Mendoza, Nagel (chair), Szpekowski, Gavin, Jones

NINA Board Terms

Bylaws: No fewer than 15, each to serve 3-year terms


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