Board of Directors



Patricia Szpekowski, APR

  • PR Strategies & Communications, Inc.
  • Term expires 2024

1st Vice President

John Lampinen

  • Term expires 2022

2nd Vice President

Sharon Boehlefeld

  • Term expires 2024


Dan Campana

  • Communications Senior Manager, Emergency Nurses Association
  • Term expires 2023

Past President

Dan Campana

Executive Secretary

Jason Akst

  • NIU Dept. of Communication

Communications Coordinator

Shelley Hendricks

  • Adviser, Northern Star, NIU
  • Contact: 815-753-4239 /

NINA Board members

Cristi Kempf

  • Writer, editor, communications consultant
  • Term expires 2024

Margarita Mendoza

  • El Observador
  • Term expires 2024

Rick Nagel

  • Retired
  • Term expires 2022

Roger Ruthhart

  • Retired
  • Term expires 2022

Penny Wiegert

  • The Observer, Rockford Diocese
  • Term expires 2023


2021 NINA Committee Assignments

Contest Committee

  • Nagel, Hendricks, Szpekowski, Akst, Kempf, Ruthhart

Education Committee

  • Ruthhart, Hendricks, Akst, Nagel

Membership Committee

  • Campana, Mendoza, Wiegert, Lampinen

Outreach Committee

  • Chair: Pat Szpekowski
  • Nagel, Campana, Kempf, Wiegert

Training Committee

  • Mendoza, Lampinen

NINA Board Terms

Bylaws: No fewer than 15, each to serve 3-year terms

Class of 2023 (6)

Penny Wiegert
Dan Campana

Class of 2022 (5)

  • Roger Ruthhart
  • Margarita Mendoza
  • John Lampinen

Class of 2024 (5)

  • Pat Szpekowski
  • Rick Nagel
  • Cristi Kempf

Jason Akst and Shelley Hendricks are appointed to their positions and do not serve terms.

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